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patrol in the eastern coast province. the taliban is claiming responsibilities. the attack comes one day after the u.s. death count in the war reached 2,000 troops. >>> and security concerns after keys went up for sale online. a new york post reporter bought a set for $150. the keys are meant for firefighters and can be used for locked subway stations. to cut power and to paralyze elevators in skyscrapers. >>> meanwhile, new information about gas prices overnight. they are coming down but not as quickly as we all hoped. the average stands at $3.78 per gallon. down three cents in the last week. aaa says it will likely be november before we can see any significant drop in prices. >>> and one of the country's busiest roadways, the 405 through los angeles has reopened this morning after what was called carmageddon 2. l.a. freeways had 20 be closed down so crews could tear down that bridge. and a large part of the bridge came crashing down unexpectedly on a hillside below, no one was hurt, in fact, they opened the freeway ahead of schedule. >>> meanwhile, overseas, winds topping 100 miles per
drug lords in the world, ivan velazquez, known as el taliban, has been captured by the mexican military. he's the leader of the zetas drug cartel, blamed for the recent surge in violence in northern mexico. >>> two more big banks have been hit by computer hackers. u.s. bank corps and pnc join these other banks. the attacks have left customers unable to access accounts. but apparently, no personal information has been stolen. >>> also, senator joe lieberman, chairman of the homeland security committee, accuses iran of organizing those attacks. >>> dramatic images from the latest attacks in syria. you can see a bomb go off right here, near military headquarters. wednesday, the deadliest day so far in the country's bloody civil war, which has claimed now an estimated 30,000 lives. >>> here at home, thousands the of criminal cases have been thrown into question this massachusetts this morning, after a chemist at the state's drug lab admitted that she faked lab results for years. ignoring procedures, forging signatures when working on more than 34,000 cases. some defendants have already been
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)